Where are you from?

“Hi my name is ____________, my major is ______________, and I am living in ____________. OH, and I am from ________________.” Anyone feel like they have said a lot of this these first few days of freshman year? I have only been here for a few days and this is what most of my conversations (as […]

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The #happyselfiegoodbye

Happy Monday everybody!!  I knew that saying goodbye to my family and friends was going to be hard.  I would love to think of myself as a people-person but the idea of meeting all new friends (mostly new friends- luckily I do have some friends from Richmond also going to VT) in a new environment […]

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THE Question: Are you excited?!

Hey there! If there is one question that every almost-college-freshman or person in a life transition hears it is- “Oh my goodness- Are you EXCITED?!”. First, to anyone who has said this- thank you for asking!! I actually have come to enjoy and anticipate this conversation starter but it most definitely is THE conversation starter […]

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GAHS- I am one lucky gal

Hey guys!! Hope you are doing well!! When people ask me (or if they have already asked me) what my blog is about my response is… “documenting life’s transitions and college experiences”.  So part of that definition includes telling the story of every part of my transition…which means I have to include what I am […]

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First Blog Post!!

HELLO EVERYONE!! How is everyone today?! I hope you are doing great!! I am so excited and SO HAPPY about this blog!! For the past few months I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog but it took encouragement from a friend to really jump start me into the process of making […]

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