“Where is your ambition?!”

Hey, everyone!! I hope you have had a wonderful morning! Unfortunately, VT has had a few losses these past few weekends so that’s definitely my low for today. My high (haha I don’t know why I decided to state my high’s and low’s?) is that my brother got baptised Sunday morning! I love it when young people, he is thirteen, make bold personal decisions! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Okay- I have one more high but it relates to this blog post! My other high is my friend Lizzie! Keep reading to find out why  she is a big “high” in my life!!

So, when you first come to VT you will find A LOT of Northern Virginia folks.  I am not exaggerating when I say- A LOT! Then you will a good deal of Virginia Beach, Richmond, and New Jersey people…but it’s not everyday you meet someone from Ohio!

WELL, I can now say that I have a best friend that is from Ohio! And her name is Lizzie! Here is Lizzie and I at our white out game several days ago…

lizzie 1

Both of Lizzie’s parents went to Virginia Tech and she lovingly says that “she was always meant to be a Virginia girl”.  She lived in Ohio all of her life though!

As time has gone by (I have lived in Blacksburg for a little over a month now!) you learn more and more about why people decide to go to VT and what decisions led them here.

If you are an out-of-state student the tuition increases significantly and Lizzie always thought that she would just settle for an Ohio school because that was easier in many different ways.

But after doors closed and the VT door (the door to heaven…If I do say so myself:) opened she felt that this was the place she was called, and meant, to be.

As we were getting food at one of the dining halls Lizzie was explaining how many people she knew from home that settled for college, and how she believes they will probably regret it.

She paused for a second and then turned to me and said, “Sometimes I just want to look at people around me and say, ‘WHERE is your ambition?’”  She went on to explain how she is aware and prepared to take on her student debt out of college but how she is fully confident she is where she is MEANT to be. She expressed how grateful she was to her parents for helping her make her dream happen. She is here because she has ambition and dedication to be successful!

I am struggling to put her passion into words but I do know that she inspired me! She made me realize how lucky I am to live in VA and have such wonderful state school options. She made me realize how lucky I am to have supportive parents.  She made me remember to have ambition and to ACTUALLY dream big!

I am grateful that I met Lizzie- her friendship is truly a blessing.  I hope she made you think about ambition today as much as she influenced me to think about it!

Have a wonderful day, and thank you (seriously- thank you) for reading this post!

lizzie 2

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}

Satisfied vs. Happy


Hey y’all!! I hope everyone’s week has gone well!

So I had planned to write a post on something directly VT related this week but then I decided that this topic more applied to where I am at right now!! Herrreee we go…

This past spring I applied for a program at Virginia Tech called The Residential Leadership Community (The RLC). I was VERY happy to hear a few months later that I got in!! So basically that entails that I live in a dorm called Peddrew-Yates (PY) with other RLCers and take a 24 person leadership class (a class that small is rare at VT as a freshman) with other students in the RLC. Overall there are about 140 freshman in the RLC and about 40 sophomores that came back to be mentors and Peer Leaders.

Every Monday we have meetings for an hour called 840s and the (phenomenal) Peer Leaders lead them!! Sidenote- they are at 8:40 pm, love it when things are legitimately labeled what they truly are. This past 840 we did an exercise where you went to one side of the room if you agreed with one point and another side if you agreed with the opposing point.

One of the more serious slides popped up and the text said, “Satisfied or Happy” and we had to choose one side or the other.

Haha THIS is where the irony comes in…I chose the satisfied side! Now, one of my best friends, and suitemate, Maddie yells out “Wait- HAPPY HC?!?!”. And I turned around and thought- “Oh wait- this is awkward”. Then we each had a chance to say why we chose each side…

My definition of “satisfied” and “content” are pretty much the same so when I say content know that I also mean satisfied. (p.s. are your definitions of satisfied and content the same? I would love to hear any opinions!! Email me!:) 

I believe being content and happy are totally two different things! I think they are both positive things but are definitely different.

To me being happy is something that is absolutely essential in order to have a few pick-me-ups in life. Sometimes you really need some candy, sonic ice to chew, or coordinating wall decorations to pep yourself up. I think happiness is important but I also believe that it is temporary. Sometimes candy can’t make you truly feel content (even though that is hard to believe… y’all- I LOVE candy).

Being CONTENT or SATISFIED is a whole different arena. I don’t really know how to describe it but being content with your life could probably take different forms depending on your personality and way of interacting with others. Being content doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy! I could FAIL a math test and be really angry, definitely NOT happy, but I still could be content. I know that I feel the most CONTENT when I am about to fall asleep and I feel somewhat at peace with where I am at that moment (metaphorically speaking).

I also think that being content isn’t a “destination”, it’s something that you more or less have to decide everyday. Like I said above, for me being content is a peaceful feeling- even when things go very downhill there’s something there still holding you up. My goal is to always try to feel CONTENT and SATSIFIED with where I am…and if I am not then I need to switch things up.

So, I love having any sort of discussion or fun debate with people so if you disagree with my points at all I would love to chat about it! You can contact me at hadleycc@vt.edu. 

As always- if you made it to the bottom of this post…THANK YOU for reading! I really appreciate it! 


Much Love, Hadley Carter {happy hc}

The Social Media Impact on Saying Goodbye

Hey guys!!

I hope everyone has been doing well this past week or so.  College has been QUITE the experience! I almost don’t know how to describe it but I definitely know that I love it!! I keep trying to remind myself that there is always an adjustment period when it comes to classes regardless of the education you are getting or the school you are at.  I am just grateful that I get to be here at Virginia Tech- it’s so surreal that I am writing this while sitting in my dorm room bed!! 

So, onto the topic I have been thinking about lately… the combination of saying goodbye while social media is mixed into the equation.

This may not be the most healthy way to wake up but I have heard that a lot of people wake up to their instagram/facebook/twitter etc in the morning.  I am in the same boat!! When I just do not want to get out of bed I scroll through the various social media apps on my phone for 10-15 minutes trying to find motivation to get up.  Normally I see that someone has gone on a run or done something magnificent and that gives me motivation to get my butt out of bed.  Sidenote- thank you to those of you who instagram morning activities- you are making the rest of us more active as well!!

The other morning as I was looking at all the “back to school” instagrams that took place in my high school’s cafeteria it hit me that I didn’t 100% have to say goodbye.  Did anyone else feel this way? Somehow by seeing those photos I still felt connected.

I am a HUGE social media supporter because I believe it is a tool to be connected with those around you, professionally, personally, and just for fun.

So listed below are some pro’s and con’s on social media’s impact on saying goodbye!!

Con’s of having social media while saying goodbye: (I like getting the bad out of the way)

  1. It makes me homesick- So, besides missing my dogs I actually haven’t been THAT homesick so far! But when I see photos of fun activities at home I do feel a little sad.  
  2. Takes up time- I do spend a lot of time at night scrolling through social media before I go to sleep because I don’t want to miss anything happening…this goes into the next point….
  3. Fear of missing out- I am slightly scared that if I don’t spend time on social media I will miss out on exciting things happening to my friends at home and other colleges!


Pro’s of having social media while saying goodbye:

  1. Documenting my experience- it has been really cool already documenting all the fun things happening in college, it makes my family feel more connected to me and it’s also a good way for me to go back and remember the little things I did that I may forget about as time goes on!
  2. Stalking the back to school photos- as I mentioned above I loved seeing my high school’s cafeteria and all the back to school photos that were taken there!! It made me feel as if I was still with all my younger friends which was sweet.
  3. It’s not 100%- I cannot even imagine going to school in the “olden days” (haha- sorry mom and dad) where you had to pay to use a phone to call home! Now things are so instant it is so much easier to communicate!! It’s so nice being able to post or email photos and know that family will be able to see them.  It’s not 100% saying goodbye when you still can be in consistent communication!!

So these were just some of the ways I felt social media impacted my goodbyes!! I hope everyone has a very happy Wednesday!! Thanks for reading my ramblings today 🙂 Also- below are some of the photos from my FIRST VT FOOTBALL GAME that I have posted on social media in the past few days…

da girlsnick

andrewthe group

Much Love, Hadley Carter {happy hc}