Hold Us Together

Hey, guys!

I am sure most of you are aware of the Rolling Stone article that has been circling the web for past few days.  Ever since I read the article, there has been a weight on my chest, I am sure most of you have felt the same way if you read it.

I want to preface this by saying that I am not a University of Virginia student, I am not living in Charlottesville right now and so I cannot claim to know how UVA students are feeling in anyway.  But as an onlooker, a college student, and a friend of several UVA students, my heart is hurting right now.

As I sitting in my classes yesterday the situation kept getting mentioned and talked about.  Yesterday, one of my favorite songs, “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher started playing and it made me think about this issue on a larger scale.

This was the one line that kept playing over and over again in my head:


“And love will hold us together

Make us a shelter to weather the storm

And I’ll be my brother’s keeper

So the whole world will know that we’re not alone”


There are several different opinions on what UVA is going through right now.  Honestly, there is probably a little bit of truth to everyone’s opinion but that is not what I believe is important or what needs to be focused on. At the end of the day our different opinions on how to specifically handle wrongdoing isn’t going to make the wrongdoing any better or make it hurt any less.

The sexual assault problems that exist at University of Virginia also exist at Virginia Tech.  They exist at practically any college you could imagine- this problem is not just a “college” issue- it truly is a society issue.  It is an issue that this world needs to be better informed about.  It is an issue that everyone has in common- it is an issue that everyone needs to help solve.

It is an issue that needs to be addressed, spoken about, and acted upon on a large scale before it is pinpointed and scrutinized.

This song by Matt Maher touched me because it is about love holding us together.  As cheesy as that sounds- I really believe that it holds true in recent days.  So many people have posted their sentiments for the victim at UVA and other victims of sexual assault. So many people are concerned and distraught over this specific situation.

As I was talking to my friend Meghan, a first year UVA student, this is was her reflection on the recent hardships,

“I think being a part of this community and the sense of pride that comes along with that has been what propels us all to truly love and look out for one another”

In the past few months community has truly held UVA together through tragedies- and I hope it continues to in the future as they navigate through this tough and confusing time.  I hope that community, and love, starts to hold college campuses together as one because we share the same problems and the same desire to make a change.  We are all trying to make shelters to weather similar storms- we need to start making our shelters together.

My heart aches for The University of Virginia community while they sort through recent events.  UVA- please know that you have many college communities supporting you from afar.

I urge you to listen to this song by Matt Maher- it truly does a good job at bringing at least a little peace amongst chaos.


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Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}

A Message To Kind People

Hey guys!!

I hope everyone has had a really great week! The past few weeks have been a super crazy period with tests, projects, essays, etc.  Luckily it has calmed down a little though! It’s funny how in college the difference between busy and relaxed weeks is so much more extreme than high school- or at least that has been my impression.

I want to preface this by saying how much I love being friends with adults on Facebook.  I love that they post statuses about their kids, their jobs, etc.  Occasionally it is nice to see different posts that are not the typical college photo album on Facebook (haha I am so guilty of this! Sorry FB friends!).

But then there are some days when I log into facebook and see a post that really irks me because it is about “our generation”.  And by “our generation” I specifically mean the millennials.  If you are a teenager you are probably pretty familiar with the typical complaining about “kids these days” not having enough interpersonal communication, staying on their phone all day, technology ruining them, etc. etc. etc.

The other day I logged into facebook and saw something that genuinely made me sad and disappointed.  I have no intention of being disrespectful to this adult who posted the status or the people who commented/liked the status but I found myself a little confused and saddened.

In so many words it called out the girls of “our generation” for being mean. Now- I cannot say that there are girls in our generation that are not mean.  But there are also boys in our generation that are mean.  In fact- there are girls and boys of all generations that are mean because being mean isn’t something that was invented with the millennials or with one gender.

But I think what really bothered me was the fact that there are so many KIND, genuinely kind and caring people, specifically girls, who saw this post. Who saw the several adults commenting about how mean girls are these days.  Who saw the adults focusing on this rather small percentage of mean girls that seem to be running wild and spoiling everyone around them.

I am sitting here thinking of the all the amazing, insanely generous and compassionate girls I know and feeling really, really sad. It’s sad that these girls have to log into social media on a normal day and feel extremely discouraged because whatever efforts they have made to be “good” people seem to be wasted because a few of the “mean girls” ruin everyone’s image.

At the end of the day my purpose for writing this is to encourage the people who are not mean.  To encourage the people that are not commended for their daily acts of kindness because instead everyone tends to focus on folks who do not value compassion and kindness.

So- this is a THANK YOU to the nice people, specifically the nice girls.  Thank you for encouraging me to practice kindness even when I see discouraging messages.

Thank y’all for reading this today! It’s something that I felt needed to be said- even it’s on this tiny corner of the web.

kind people

Here are some of the amazing, kind girls I was blessed to meet in high school- I have definitely been missing them!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}