Hey there!

It’s been a crazy past few weeks (although the best weeks are always the craziest, right?) so I have been procrastinating on blogging!  To be honest- I was planning on writing a post about Spring Break in Florida! And it may happen later but this post definitely take precedence.

My junior year at the end of Spring Break my parents and I visited Virginia Tech for the first time to take a tour and see what it is all about! I had an amazing time because my tour guide was fabulous- at least three of the organizations he mentioned on my tour I ended up being apart once I started here in the fall.  If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have even known about the RLC- something that has made an unbelievably HUGE contribution to my college career so far!


I remember he mentioned something about a huge community service event called “The Big Event” that was happening the day after my tour.  When people asked about it he explained how much a difference this one day makes in the Blacksburg community.  He went on to explain that thousands of students go into the surrounding community to do whatever work families that have signed up need!  The whole point is VT giving a “BIG” thanks to whole community for being so supportive of us Hokies!


The motto of “Ut Prosim” (“That I May Serve”) at Virginia Tech is VERY strong, that giving back culture was the main factor that attracted me to the university! When I finally arrived in August I knew that one of my main priorities was somehow getting involved in TBE because it was part of why I fell in love with VT on my tour!

I ended up getting on The Big Event Committee back in the fall and have loved being involved so far…but I best part, the actual day that students go out into the community on April 11th, is what I am really looking forward to!

I have two motivations for writing this post! One is just to share how much I love that Virginia Tech is founded in a culture of giving back to the community.  The second reason is for VT students…

APRIL 5TH is the LAST day to sign up for The Big Event 2015. Our goal is about 8,000 and we are SO close!


I promise that you will not regret signing up to do GOOD in the Blacksburg community on April 11th! You also get a pretty awesome t-shirt.  Between the “doing good” and “t-shirt” I don’t see how you could say no.

So- jump on over to this site and sign up RIGHT NOW! http://vtbigevent.org

I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of (hopefully) great weather and lots of Hokies signing up for The Big Event 2015! 🙂


Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}

Winning vs. Learning

Hey, everyone!

I will say off the bat that this post is a hard one to write.  When people ask what I blog about I normally respond that the blog is supposed to serve as documentation for myself and general encouragement for anyone that might stumble across it!

With that I realize that not all encouragement comes from “happy times” if that makes sense.  I am a strong believer that in order to feel the extent of the good times in life you have to also experience not-so-good-times.  Such is life- a phrase that I catch myself saying a lot (p.s. not sure where I got that from?).

It started over winter break when my roommate Amanda and I were texting about possibly putting two more canvases with quotes over our “living area” (aka mini fridge and keurig- haha).  I consulted Pinterest because anything inspiring/pretty can be found there.  As I was scrolling down I found a quote that is crazy simple but it made me pause and think….

The graphic read, “Sometimes you WIN, Sometimes you LEARN”.

I was very drawn to the quote so I made a canvas of it the next day! (Ha- you gotta give me a break on this- it was Winter Break and I had a lot of free time) 🙂

When I came back to school we hung that canvas over the Gilmore Girls quote I heard while watching the show and the canvas didn’t cross my mind that much until last week.

First semester I was so incredibly fortunate to receive membership in all the fantastic organizations I applied for- and I absolutely love ALL of these things- but I didn’t realize how blessed I had been.  Then I came back for second semester and became a sister in my dream sorority that I had a bit of a “crush” on for awhile at that point. In terms of applications and acceptances I was so, so lucky and didn’t really realize it!

A few weeks ago I heard back from two organizations that I applied for and I got a very polite “no”.  It’s funny that when you are applying for things you always think and tell your friends, “Well- it’s okay if I don’t get it- it doesn’t matter that much”. When applying that it was I told myself everyday- almost as if it was going to be my shield against disappointment and “rejection”. But as I was going to sleep one night Amanda (my wise roommate) said, “Hadley- if you REALLY want it you have to go all in- you have to fall in love with the organization- you have to let yourself be vulnerable.”

Can you guys tell how much I love having enlightening conversations with Amanda late at night? This is not the first blog post I have written based off of her advice. I got real lucky with her!

A few days after Amanda said this I heard back with the “no’s” and attempted to go on with life as if I wasn’t upset trying to brush it under the figurative “mental carpet”.  One morning a few days later I was having a bit of a pity party at my desk while doing homework until I looked up to my right and saw my beloved Pinterest quote, “Sometimes you WIN, Sometimes you LEARN.”

I had two different thoughts pop into my head, one being that it was very ironic that I happened to scroll past that quote on Winter Break and felt drawn to it, made a canvas, and hung it right in plain sight to see during my pity party. Gotta love it.

The second thought was how incredibly TRUE that quote it is! There is absolutely NO way you can always win, and if you don’t win you could view it as a “loss” or you could call it a learning moment.  This may sound kind “fluffy” and feel good- but I am being totally serious.

In school when you get a bad grade on a quiz- you don’t “loose” and give up- you learn the material and do better on the test. You LEARN after you “loose”.

I look back at the week now and I won’t lie- there is still a small pang of disappointment that I feel in my chest but I see it as a learning moment now.  I was taught a lot of humility, and I learned that my quote hanging over my mini-fridge is 100% true.

I am very glad that Amanda shared with me her thoughts before falling asleep that day because it challenged me to go ALL IN and be vulnerable even though you risk the chance of disappointment.  And then my little canvas reminded me that disappointment doesn’t always mean that you “lost”- it means that you learned.

learning 1

learning 2

It’s amazing what a great roommate and a Pinterested canvas can do for you!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys Spring Break coming up very soon!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}