“I’ll Be Happy When _______ “

Hey, y’all!

This is really happy but also a little bit of a sad time- the excitement for the summer/sophomore year is hitting but so is the reflection of freshman year!

As I look back some of the greatest moments of my freshman year have happened with my roommate Amanda! She is honestly one of a kind- I am so lucky to have had her as my roommate.  So- this post consists of two elements listed below.

  1. Roommate Appreciation (with pictures included!)
  2. The documentation of our last pillow talk realization

There have been many posts since September that have happened because of conversations that Amanda and I have had before we go to sleep.  There is truly something about putting two stressed, college freshman together at 1 am right before they go to sleep that results in great conversation.

Amanda 1

Amanda, I am so grateful for these moments with you.  You have truly stretched me to think outside my mental comfort zone (if that makes sense) and really reflect on important parts of life.  Don’t you worry- I will be running to your room next year all the time when I have random thoughts pop into my head that need discussing! You will have to start locking your door 😉

Amanda 2

One of our last pillow talk realizations happened last week as were first starting to look at our test schedules for the next few weeks.  I found myself saying to Amanda, “I’ll happy if I can get through 5 pm this Thursday.” A busy week was ahead last Sunday night and I was saying my typical “I’ll be happy when _______” line.

We started talking about how life can really be structured this way at times.  When we have busy weeks we start making goals to reach.  Don’t get me wrong- goals are fabulous, but when those goals start to just become dates that you have to get through to finally “be happy” and “feel accomplished” then you will NEVER be happy.

I absolutely have not figured this out- I just realized that I have this problem last week while talking with Amanda! But I am starting to understand that you will THRIVE when you stop setting these dates for yourself to finally reach a stressless life because you will never reach that.

There will always be something to stress about, there will always be something to complete, there will always be responsibility.

And those things listed above are not always bad! If you have stress, something to complete, and responsibility it means that you are doing something that you care about enough for it to stress you in the first place!  Anxiety can be good at times- it reminds me that I truly do CARE.

Learning how THRIVE within these days is what is it all about…the people who learn how to master this concept seem to be the ones that are doing life really well from my perspective.

Amanda 3

Part of me is really sad that Amanda and I’s freshman days are coming to a close- but I honestly could not be more ecstatic that I had her this year.  You need a good dose of pillow talk in your life, thank you for always discussing very random, but helpful things with me, Amanda!

Amanda 4

I wish everyone the BEST of luck with AP tests, finals, graduation, and spring time craziness just in general.  Remind yourself to not set dates that you will finally be able to relax or be happy but instead try to really thrive and take in the life that is surrounding you day by day.

Amanda 6

Have a great Monday!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}