Smiling Because They Happened

Hey, everyone! I am predicting that this is going to be the most honest blog post I have ever written.  Lately, I am been trying to focus on being a genuine human- I want to be thoroughly authentic and honest about my life whether it be on social media, in person, or this blog.  The […]

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The Cheek Hurters

Hey, y’all! Okay, so in all honestly I was hoping to catch your attention with the title of this blog post.  Yes- it does sound a little odd but if we are being up front I honestly could not think of another way to describe these folks that I labeled “The Cheek Hurters.” So, here […]

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A Lesson For All

Hey, guys! Happy July!  I have a more thoughtful post for y’all today.  Like the title suggests- it’s about a lesson that anyone can learn. I have seen so many blog posts going up giving advice to 18 year olds about to enter college.  On one hand I like to read them because I think […]

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