The Suitcase Girl

Hi, guys!

Wow! After being at Virginia Tech for almost two weeks, I could not be more overjoyed to be here on this campus.  My heart feels a little more full when walking around Blacksburg with the phenomenal folks that surround me.

I love writing blog posts based off of people- 90% of what you read on here is wisdom from the incredible people in my life.  Whether it be a post about a specific person in their entirety or just something that a person has said to me- I love writing about people!

Today I am writing about a person, one of the most important people in my life, Miss Maddie Blevins.

Maddie 4

In July of 2014 I was finishing up my first day of orientation.  I was probably pretty sweaty and disgusting looking as I was moving my overnight bag into the dorm the rising freshmen were assigned to stay in overnight.  I spotted one other girl walking into the dorm in front of me. I immediately noticed her suitcase.

I remembered the words of wisdom that I had been told about college and decided to shout to this girl in front of me that I “just LOVED” her suitcase.  We then proceeded to go up the elevator together and as we split up to go down separate halls I remember thinking to myself, “Wow- I really hope I meet more people like her.”  But, because Virginia Tech is a large school, I truly never thought I would see her again.

Until, I received our suite assignment for Peddrew-Yates, PY, our dorm freshman year. After social media stalking it dawned on me that this girl that I randomly met during orientation, and thought I would never see again, had applied for the The Residential Leadership Community as well, and had been randomly assigned my suitemate.

What a crazy world.

She became someone that I identified as a best friend very quickly, she started making a difference in my life within days of move in freshman year.

Maddie 1

During our wonderful freshman year, filled with MANY up’s and down’s, Maddie consistently stuck with me.  She encouraged me, she lifted me up, she humbled me.  Maddie showed me what a strong, and loving woman is supposed to look like in college.

And one year later, as I sit here at my desk writing this, I can hear her typing on her computer and humming along to music about five feet away from me.  

Maddie and I both decided to return back to our dorm as mentors to freshmen for our sophomore year. She is my roommate, she is my partner for our position in PY, one of the best friends I have ever had, and my inspiration to be a better version of myself every day. Below is a photo of our hall bonding last night.

Maddie 5

The past month of my life has been chalk full of transformational moments, incredible inspiration, and confirmation that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be.  I believe that people are put in your life at the exact moment when you need them, and when they need you.  Right now, I am surrounded by people that are constantly and consistently pouring love into my life, and reminding me of the path I need to be following to feel full and to make a difference in my community.

People are put on your path right when you need them.  Maddie was plucked down on that hot July afternoon with a cute suitcase in hand.  I needed her- and I still need her every day.

I think the point I am trying to make has two sides.  One being that everything that happens to you and around you is happening for a reason- there is always a “point” to what occurs in your life.  You are right where you need to be.  And, there is a reason that you are where you are right now.

And secondly, while you are exactly where you are supposed to be, there are people, there are “difference makers”, coming into your life that are also supposed to be there.  People are supposed to collide and transform each other’s lives.  Every single time I see Maddie’s suitcase, I remember that lesson, people come into your life for a reason.

Maddie 3

Thank the difference makers in your life that are there for a reason and a purpose.  Have a wonderful week!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}

It’s Hard

Hey, guys!

Well, y’all.  It’s here- back to school season is here.  I truly felt that the season hit us when I found myself panicked in a Walmart aisle because of shopping cart traffic.  That’s when you know it is officially here.  

I found myself discussing some of those panicked feelings in the car with one of my best friends, Summer, riding home from our friend, Depaul’s, house.  DePaul is going to be a freshman at JMU in a few weeks and was telling us some of things he was worried about, excited for, confused about, etc. as we were saying our goodbyes for fall semester.

Summer and I nodded the whole time knowingly because such a short time ago we were in his shoes- packing up the car for the first time, hoping for the absolute best, and willing ourselves not to cry as we said goodbye to our beloved pets.

As we got in the car we started discussing the phenomenon of coming home from college for the summer.  When your friends, family, and rising freshman ask how college was you reply, “OH MY GOSH- IT IS THE BEST, I love it so much.”

Although, I do believe that we all mean this, we are so fortunate to be able to get educations from fabulous colleges and it makes sense that we love it, but we never seem to discuss the hard parts.  On social media we display our indescribably wonderful freshman year experiences as if every moment was 100% perfect.  We tell our friends and family that we go to most perfect school, and we love it so much, but forget part of the reason why we love it- it is hard.

For me- there were many mornings, afternoons, and nights that I felt lonely.  There were many times when I desperately wanted to be back in my own shower, be back in my own bed, be back in my old homework spot on the dining room table.  There were times when I really missed my high school friends, when I missed my dogs, and especially the comfort of my family.  Some nights all I wanted to do was go outside and jump on my trampoline (yes- I still do that all the time).  

When people ask, “Hadley- how was Virginia Tech?” and I lovingly reply, “It was the single best thing that has ever happened to me” I am definitely not lying, but I am also not saying that because it was perfect. College is hard.  That is the plain and simple version of what I am trying to get across- it is hard.  

But it is the good kind of hard.  It is the kind of hard that makes you realize who you really are, who you want to surround yourself with, and what you want to become.  It is the kind of hard that pushes you miles outside of your comfort zone if you let it.  It is the kind of hard that can transform you into a difference maker in your community.  

So, to all the freshman that are a few weeks, or even a few days out from the sad hugs and the anxious stomachs as you return back to your dorm for the first time after saying goodbye to your family, please know that this is supposed to be hard! There is absolutely no denying that fact- it is supposed to be hard.

That is what makes it so wonderful. One day very soon you will find yourself at dinner with hallmates, or freshman you just met, and you might realize that you have found some of your people! One day very soon you will do laundry at college for the very first time and be WAY too proud about it. One day you won’t get lost going to class- and you may even be able to give directions if you get real lucky! One day soon you will realize how to fix the wifi router all by yourself.  One day soon you will get involved in organizations that make you an even prouder member of your school.  

One day soon you will start to realize that part of the amazing experience that is COLLEGE includes the hard times as well.  

So, embrace it.  Embrace the hard.  Embrace it knowing that the hard it what makes it some of the best years of your life.  

freshman year 2

Some of the coolest people I met freshman year, and I am lucky to call them my friends!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}