The 1%

Hey there!!

Well, first off, I have to apologize because I haven’t written in several weeks now. This is by far the craziest part of the year for a college student but it has been an incredibly awesome, challenging, stressful, yet phenomenal year so far! I could not ask for anything more.

So, as I mentioned in previous posts this summer I am trying to be more honest and upfront about “real life” on this blog.  By that I mean, I want to be vulnerable and authentic while continuing to have a positive outlook on whatever life tosses our way.  So, below is my authenticity attempt for this Wednesday morning.

This past Tuesday I was sitting in leadership class thinking about my high and low for the week.  Once it was my turn to go, I found myself saying that I really love people 99% of the time, but my low for the week was that Tuesday fell into the 1% of the time category.

There is no denying that I am a people person.  People are my favorite.  I love that everyone has their own individual story, their own personality, and their own way of approaching life.  If I am alone, without people around for extended periods of time, I get very, very sad.  But, this past week I learned that even a “people person” cannot always 100% love those around them perfectly.  

Sometimes things happen, sometimes people get upset, sometimes people get angry, or maybe just sad.  Sometimes you find yourself upset because it seems like everyone else knows what “life” is supposed to look like, except for you.  Those times are hard.  It’s hard to come to the realization that yourself, and every single person surrounding you, is human.  Every person has their own emotions, strengths, flaws, opinions, and lifestyle.  And sometimes- you cannot make everyone happy.  You cannot always make everyone agree, everyone be content, or everyone love one another.  

So, the reason why last Tuesday fell into the 1% category is because I finally understood that fact.  I started to understand that people are not perfect, I am most definitely not perfect, situations are not perfect, and life is certainly not perfect.  There is doubt that it is a hard pill to swallow when it hits you right in the forehead. Such is life, right?

After my pity party ended, and I shared my low for that day in class, I decided that the 1% is the time that really is defining. The days where everyone is happy go lucky and loving life are awesome and joyful- we definitely need those days. But the days when you get to your wits end, and you want to climb under a rock with ice cream and nothing else, are the days where you are being tested. Those are the days that you should be trying to love your people the hardest, holding them the closest, and making sure they know that you value them even through the 1%.

That 1% is what TRULY matters if you love people.  The 1% is what makes you a difference maker in this world. The 1% is what makes you stronger. The 1% is the time to push those around you up. The 1% is what people will remember.  The 1% is the time to offer your heart to those surrounding you and truly love them.  


I hope today is a 99% kind of day for you, but if it isn’t, remember that we all experience those days where it is hard to love.  But, even through the 1%, loving your people is always worth it.

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}