The Christmas Bathroom

Merry Christmas!

I remember walking into my Grandma’s downstairs bathroom as a little kid and seeing an old wooden plaque that hung there year round.  When my Grandma was alive Christmas was her absolute favorite, so much so, that she kept one bathroom Christmas themed day in and day out, 24/7.

As a little kid, this confused me because Christmas was definitely not every day, but growing up I have started to see the bathroom as a larger metaphor.  The wooden plaque that served as part of the theme of the bathroom is written out below.

“Christmas is more than a day at the end of the year

More than a day of joy and good cheer

Christmas is really God’s pattern for living

To be followed each day by unselfish giving

Then Peace of Earth will come to stay

When we live Christmas every day.”

Although, this might be strange to talk about on a blog, using the bathroom is obviously a very daily thing for humans.  It’s something you do without thinking about it multiple times a day, it’s one of our many daily routines that doesn’t normally have a big impact of our lives.

But, every time I walked into that first floor bathroom at my Grandma’s house I was reminded of Christmas. I was reminded of that day that kids look forward, and with so much excitement they cannot sleep the night beforehand. I was reminded of what the Holiday brings out of this world- more than just their daily routines.  I was reminded of the Joy that Christmas elicits out of people because “Christmas” is truly how we are supposed to live all the time.

The pattern of life that will bring us true Joy is found by living Christmas every day.  On Christmas the harshness and anxiety of life seems to slip away a little, the world slows down for a half a second, and you spend the day with a little more Peace in your soul than you might normally feel.

At least for me, I feel this way about once a year- and that is on Christmas Day.  I imagine this is similar for most folks these days as well, but I think this Christmas Bathroom reminds us that we can do more, it calls more out of us.  The Bathroom pushes you to show true and unselfish Love every single day of the year- in the same way that we are given unconditional Love from the God that pours blessings all over us when we do not even realize it some days.

I believe my Grandma used this daily routine of a room to remind us that “Living Christmas” should be a purposeful routine.  Christmas should be more than just a day at the end of the year because this joyful day truly should serve as a pattern of living practiced on even the worst of days.

This Christmas lifestyle is what will bring us true Peace in one crazy world. I pray you find something this Christmas that you can hold near to remind you the Power and Peace that “Living Christmas” can bring into our lives.

The Christmas Bathroom

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}


One thought on “The Christmas Bathroom

  1. Hadley, I remember that special bathroom when Joy Circle would meet at her home. Gwen was and still is a wonderful example to me of living each day as it is Christmas. Her love for the Lord abided in her and was reflected in how she loved others. And how she lives on in you. Blessings for a wonderful new year, Ann Rice


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