Settled Hearts

Happy New Year!

The past few weeks have quite possibly been the most refreshing weeks of the entire year of 2015.  It has been quite the crazy year- and I certainly wasn’t expecting ANY of the craziness January 1, 2015.  2015 was definitely the most transformative year of my life, some of the sweetest, most rewarding, memorable experiences happened this past year but it also held times where I sat outside of dorm/house and flat out cried because I felt trapped and confused.  

My hardest cry, I promise this post is not just about crying, happened right at this time last year when I arrived back to Blacksburg. I began 2015 with one of my greatest memories from this past year- Formal Recruitment! But that week began with me bawling in my third floor bathroom of PY because I was torn apart about having to leave home, a place that I love dearly, to go back to school, a place that I also love dearly.

Just writing out that last sentence reminded me of the life I am so blessed to lead.  But nonetheless- there I was, crying in my bathroom after my mom dropped me off in Blacksburg because I felt so incredibly unsettled.  This “unsettled” feeling is something that I have really wrestled with the past three semesters.  I find myself wondering before I go to sleep at night “How can I be so happy in both of my ‘homes’ but feel so disconcerted when I have to leave one to go to another?”.

I think as human beings we long to feel settled.  And I don’t necessarily mean that in the typical way we think of “settling down” and getting married/starting a family- but more that we long for a feeling of settledness in our hearts.  We long to have settled hearts when everything else around us is moving and shifting so quickly.  We want to have stability dwelling in us, we want to love where we are, we want to feel like we can BE somewhere, literally and figuratively, and not worry about leaving.  We want to BE at peace, regardless of how many times you drive up 81 to get to school and back home in a given semester.

As I gear up to leave Thursday morning for another season of Formal Recruitment and for my fourth semester at Virginia Tech (the fact that I have 2.5 years left before adulting makes me feel ill) I can say that the unsettled feeling still pops up in the pit of my stomach at times.  But, what I try to remember when this happens is that I, as Hadley Carter, should be “settled” in more than my just physical location.  

YOU, whoever you may be, have more to you and more invested in you than just where you are physically located or the people currently around you right now.  You, as person, are meant to founded in MORE than the things of this world that surround you at this moment.  

You are so much more than unsettled feelings in the pit of your stomach.

I hope 2016 puts you in situations that take you out of your comfort zone, situations that grow you more than you ever thought you could be grown (Hello 2015!), situations that make you laugh harder than you’ve laughed before, and situations that bring you to your knees in tears.  But I hope through all these situations you strive to possess a settled heart.  A heart that is based in more than what part of the state, country, or world you are currently located and a heart that knows regardless of the situations life throws at you, you are grounded in so much more.


Here’s to no more “unsettled” tears in PY bathrooms! Happy New Year, y’all!

Much Love,

Hadley Carter {Happy HC}


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