Your Mountains

Hey, y’all!

Monday was not a good day.  I love to preach that “everyday is a good day to have a good day” and fail to remember that it is impossible for everyday to be absolutely wonderful.  I woke up this morning and immediately started to realize how getting through bad days is what makes the good days sweeter.  Learning from the “bad” is what makes “good.”

On Monday, I was blessed to have had a lot of good conversations with friends about struggles just because I felt like I was sinking in my own struggle.  Conversation after conversation I found myself feeling a little bit more renewed, a little bit more confident, and definitely more loved.  I think unloading a little bit of the “heaviness” is really what we need at times- I also believe that is what friendship should be about- taking some of the burden of their backs.

The best conversation came later at night as I was attempting to explain how I have been hard core sinking in one particular struggle to my boyfriend, Matt.  I found myself sitting on the futon in his room, legitimately weeping because I coud not figure out why I was so hardwired to struggle with comparison and jealousy.

If you have read any past blog posts, you probably have come to realize that comparison and jealousy is where I find myself stumbling at every turn.  Every single time there is an opportunity for me to feel an inkling of either of these two ugly emotions, they always somehow pop up and reap havoc in a lot of relationships.

I remember looking at him and wondering how in the world he doesn’t struggle with this when I am falling so short all the time. Why was am I the one that seems to have jealousy genes? Why do I stumble? What am I SO unstable in this one particular area?

In the next hour of conversation I very much started to realize how wrong I was about feeling alone in my own sinking struggles.  It is amazing how much we get wrapped up in our own insecurities that we forgot that other humans have just as much as their own ingrained troubles, everyone has their own mountains they have to climb.

As I fell asleep last night, I found myself thinking about these various mountains that we each face.  If you are reading this right now- I have no idea if our mountains are the same, but if you are standing at the bottom of yours and looking up petrified of having to climb it, I can tell you that you’re not alone.  

As we stand at the bottom of our mountains of struggle, looking up knowing that we have to climb it eventually, please know that we are not supposed to be alone in this.  

Yes- it is really unfortunate that we are not perfect humans, it is unfortunate that we fall so short, it is unfortunate that we have to face insecurities that need to be overcome.  But, the fact of the matter is that we do have to come to terms with our own shortcomings, and that we need to be trying to climb each of those mountains.

But, as you think about your life right now, I can guarantee you that there are people around you that have been placed on your path that are there to climb those mountains with you.  These folks are supposed to take some of your burden and help you with that climb.  The purpose of being here is not to live for yourself- the point is to help push your loved ones up their own mountains and for them to do the exact same for you.

You have been placed exactly where you are supposed to be, you have been dealt a hand of cards that comes with great strengths and great weaknesses, you have mountains to climb, and you have people around you that are there to take some of the load and help you get to the top of that mountain.

So, the next time you stumble, the next time you fall short, the next time you are most definitely not the best version of yourself, please remember: This is your mountain- but it is there for the purpose of conquering it alongside people you love the most.

Have a great rainy Wednesday and thank the people in your life that will cry on futons with you about mountains!


Much Love,

Hadley Carter {happy hc}



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