Just Walk In

Hey, y’all!

Do you know the feeling right before you walk into a new room?

Your stomach is churning as you wonder if you will know anyone, what you will experience, who you are going to meet, if you’ll have anyone to sit next to… That feeling of excitement and sickness settles into your stomach, as you swing open the door and walk your way into this new room.

For young people, the summertime often represents anticipation of changes to come in the future.  Excitement builds, but so does anxiety, worry of the what is to come, and a general feeling of unsettledness.  As fun as “new rooms” can be made to sound- they truly can be petrifying as well.

For me, this summer has been and will be a whirlwind of walking into new rooms- quite literally and figuratively.  It has been a summer of change, transition, reassessment, and vulnerability- and it’s only been about six weeks.

One of the first weeks of this summer, I found myself walking into a very new room with a wonderful friend of mine- Anne.  I remember standing in this new room, looking around at the people and thinking, “Besides Anne, I can count the people on one hand that I vaguely recognize, I feel incredibly out of my comfort zone.”

Walking into rooms that we are comfortable in, with family and friends that we adore, is very important- but I believe it is in these new and different rooms that we will learn the greatest lessons.

One of my all time favorite quotes from Kid President is…

“You add something to every room you enter.”

I remember walking out of that new room in the pouring down rain, and feeling complete Joy wash over me as I got in my car.  I thought about this quote above, but in a new light than I ever had before.

Not only do I agree with Kid President in that, “You add something to every room you enter” but also that every room we enter adds something to us as well.

There are a lot of new rooms coming up- whether it be new jobs, new organizations, new colleges, new family situations, new relationships, etc. Chances are, you are on the brink of entering new rooms most of your life.

As you stand outside that door, wondering what this new room might hold, questioning if you should enter the threshold, I hope you find yourself thinking back to your old rooms.

The rooms that transformed you, the rooms that provided the exact people you needed in your life, the rooms that made you into who you are at this very moment.  At one point, we were all nervous sweating before walking, or tripping, into those new spaces. Yet, here we stand again, knees shaking with sweaty palms- staring into more new rooms in front of us.

I think back to my “new room” experience several weeks ago with a heart overwhelmed with peace because I know I was supposed to walk into that room.  As I was driving away in that rain, I knew that the room I had walked into was going to add something to my life.  I knew that room was going to change my life- simply because I took a deep breath, and walked in.

My challenge to you- whether you are about to enter college, a job, organization, a new lifestyle, is to just walk in.

Just walk in. These new rooms pop up for a reason on our paths, they are supposed to add something meaningful to our lives, the rooms are supposed to stretch us.  We are supposed to look around and be unable to count on one hand the people we recognize. They change us because they surprise us, they make us think harder, and they grow us.

As Kid President would say, “You’re about to enter some new rooms and they need you.”

They need us, and we need them.  So, let’s walk in, shall we?

Walk In

Much Love,

Happy HC