About Me

Hey there!!

I am so HAPPY that you came to visit my blog today.  If there was one way to thoroughly describe myself it would be in the amount of times I say the words “excited” and “happy” in one conversation…probably too many times!  Anyways- I would love for you to follow along in my journey through life’s transitions and college experiences.  One of my favorite things about any organization is when it has a clear purpose…so I want to make my purpose very clear. I am here writing out thoughts partly for documentation of college but more for learning.   I love it when I can turn discovery into inspiration- so as I discover and learn more about this crazy world we live in I want to be able to document it, via this blog, so others might possibly be able to learn from it and be inspired as well.

Again- Thank you.  Thank you for taking your time to read this. Thank you.


Much love, Hadley Carter {happy hc}

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