My Prison

I wrote this in December.  Truly, I haven’t been able to write much of anything since. So, I’m posting this now because it’s the first step in the direction of what I know to be True.  This is me taking a really deep breath and stepping. I hope this helps anyone struggling with similar things! […]

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Come As You Are

Hey friends, Well, I’m writing this very late at night, but you most likely reading it very early in the morning as you get ready for quite possibly the strangest, most rewarding experience of your life- Formal Recruitment. One of the most profound things I have learned in college is the idea that at the […]

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As You Refresh

Hi there! Y’all! I have been hiding this semester.  I want to get back to writing, so this is me, trying my best to put my heart out on the internet.  I hope you can relate to this moment that has stuck with me! Several weeks ago I was checking my email.  I kept hitting […]

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Hello, hello! The whole summer I wrestled and wrestled with what I wanted the “back to school blog post” to look like. I have written two posts, but wasn’t entirely feeling them. So, here I am, at 12:30 a.m. on a Thursday night writing what is truly on my heart. After serving in various roles […]

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Just Walk In

Hey, y’all! Do you know the feeling right before you walk into a new room? Your stomach is churning as you wonder if you will know anyone, what you will experience, who you are going to meet, if you’ll have anyone to sit next to… That feeling of excitement and sickness settles into your stomach, as […]

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Investing in Change

Hey, y’all! Happy Summer for any college students reading this post- and for everyone else, you are almost there. As I am writing this, I am imagining where I would be sitting about two weeks ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday, one of my very best friends, Lizzie and I would meet at 11:30 a.m. before […]

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Laptop Stickers

Hey, y’all! Long time, no blog.  I can blame it on nothing other than the craziness of life and the mulling over of this topic. Stick with me here on this observation- I am sitting in a Starbucks at 10:30pm right now, beginning to write this post and looking around at all the laptops.  I […]

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