Hello again!!

First- I want to thank you for getting this far in the pages of my blog!! I really appreciate visitors and welcome anyone and everyone!

The whole “Happy HC” thing started in September of fourth grade when my class (lead by my favorite teacher to this day) played “the name game”- or at least thats what I remember it was called.  You have probably played some variation of it before- essentially you get in a circle and someone starts by saying their name and an adjective that starts with the first letter of their name (Comical Catherine or Daring Darrick).  Then the person to the left or right of them has to repeat the person’s name in front of them including the adjective and then say their own name combo.  For instance, the second person would say, “She is Comical Catherine and I am Daring Darrick” and the game continues on until the last person in the circle has to remember everyones name that was said in front of them.  Well- being put on the spot like that is terrifying for the shy fourth grader I was and I was afraid I was going to forget my own adjective- much less remember the fifteen kids in front of me.  So I chose the simplest thing I could think of- Happy Hadley! Ever since then whenever we play the name game I always use the adjective “happy” to describe myself.

Then came the time for a car to get to school and back.  I always assumed that I would just get the license plate that had a random assortment of letters and numbers because thats what everyone did.  But it hit me when my mom explained it only cost a few dollars a year to get something customized.  I could get “HAPPY HC” on my little red matrix that I was so proud to be driving. So, now we are here, my “HAPPY HC” license plate plastered on the top of this blog. It makes me smile.

Thanks for visiting!! I appreciate it more then you know!!


Much Love, Hadley Carter {happy hc}

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