Happy Things

To share a little more about myself I thought it would be fun to make a list of eight things that truly make me happy!

1. Polar Pops- At a local Circle K gas station they have a deal where you can buy any size soda for 89 cents (with tax it is 91 cents)! It is so exciting to me that I can bring in a dollar and get a large soda …haha its the little things in life right?!

2. Decorative Walls- Okay, so I realize this is a bit vague but I’ll try to explain.  So I am decent at crafting, and decent at picking out good decorations.  BUT- if the stars align and I can craft well and can buy cute decorations I could practically make a career out of actually arranging the stuff on a wall.  After writing that I realize how dumb it sounds because many people can do that but nothing gives me more satisfaction than a well decorated wall. So that’s that.

3. Swimming-  I was never competitive enough to do more then mini swim clubs and summer swim but I thoroughly enjoy swimming for exercise.  It is the one sport that I am halfway good at!

4. Outings – The definition I googled for the word “outing” is a “trip taken for pleasure” and that is exactly why I like outings! I love going out with friends/family to different places just for fun.  I like creating memories and taking photos to document.  The 2,000 plus photos on my iPhone that takes up most of my memory is evidence of me wanting to create memories and never forget them!

5. Michael Buble- Lets be real…who doesn’t become happy after listening to Michael Buble and seeing photos of his adorable family? #fanforlife

6.  Ice- This is another one of weird quirks.  I love chewing ice- and no, I don’t have an iron deficiency.  Believe me- I have asked every doctor that has tested my blood in the past few years and I don’t have one! I just really love chewing ice.

7. Virginia Tech-  I am a sophomore at VT and I am sure if you ever check this blog you will see my love for the school all over these posts!  And have no doubt- I really love being a Hokie. It is the absolute best.

8. The #8- Do you have a favorite number? I do!! And I have absolutely no idea why.  One day I just decided that eight was my favorite number and will always be.  Maybe it’s because when you turn it on it’s side it is an infinity sign, or maybe because I was a really happy eight year old.  Who knows? But the #8 makes me happy and for that reason I listed eight things that make me happy on this list.


Much Love, Hadley Carter {happy hc}

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